Holy cow!

So I don’t think that I can count that high as to how long it has been since my last blog. I’ll just leave it at, “Sorry”. 

It’s a strange thing how people can easily forget about the things that make them happy. This was one of those things for me. As soon as life became busy with moving, planning a wedding, working, and trying to just find time in the day to spend with loved ones, the simple little things slip through the cracks. I say no more!

Priorities shift all the time. Sometimes for the best and sometimes not so much. With everything being so fast paced and automatic it’s extremely difficult to slow down and just take a few deep breaths. I’m twenty seven years old, I will be working in some form or fashion well into my later years, why do I need to place my job and money into a slot of such high priority? I am tired of the real important things not holding the top spots on my priority list. 

Take a time out from your busy life, your busy schedule. Start enjoying today, put the things you love to do high on your list and put the people you love and care about even higher. At the end of the day joy and personal fulfillment will be a great reward. 


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