I took a picture

New found obsession…



As you can see, I have started taking pictures. This was brought on when my wonderful significant other gave me a DSLR camera for Christmas. Since then, it’s been about taking pictures in my spare time. There is something interesting about snapping a picture of something most people wouldn’t look twice at. It’s hard to find the beauty in everyday common things, but when you find it you can become lost in it. This picture for instance. This is simply a nut and bolt on one of the support beams for a pier near where I live. Nothing exceptional about it, no healing properties, no incredible colors or shapes, man-made, ultimately normal. And yet for some reason I took almost one hundred pictures of this nut and bolt. There is something interesting about the uncelebrated, the over looked, the simple. Who knows how long this has been here (probably some old civil engineer that designed it could tell me) but the important thing is that it is there. It is there and it is there to do its’ job. Ramble, ramble, ramble. What I want to get out through this entry is that there is something to be had in every little thing. No matter how minuscule and unappreciated you might feel, there is always someone out there that will take the time to notice and appreciate everything that you have done.